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01 December 2017

Memories... The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Close your eyes for a minute and think back to your childhood. How many of you are remembering things like Angel Delight, Roller Skating, Sony Walkman's and the Goonies? What about the family holidays you used to take? Some of you may be thinking back to packing up the family car, taking a long drive to the coast (which seemed to last forever) and winding up at a holiday park, worlds away from home. Remember that first moment you saw the holiday home you'd be spending the next week of your life. It's fair to say it would have looked slightly different than the models currently on offer! But in that moment, you thought it was the coolest thing you'd ever seen and wouldn't have dreamt of spending your summer holidays elsewhere!

The memories you made during these childhood holidays are ones you will carry with you throughout your life. From staying up all night with your brothers and sisters, trying not to wake your parents through the paper thin walls of the caravan, to walking (or running) to the corner shop to buy a bucket and spade, which would end up being your favourite companion throughout the summer, building sandcastles your inner architect would be proud of, coming back to the same spot the next day to find a fresh canvas to start your build again.

Why not give this gift of precious memories back to your family by having your own static caravan holiday home? Not only will your children be able to recreate the memories you once enjoyed, they will be able to build new memories, with you, as a family, which they can look back on in years to come and want to pass down to their own children.

A Holiday Home of Your Own

Owning a holiday home is much more than just having a reoccurring place to visit during the summer, it's a lifestyle in its own right. Having your own holiday home gives you and your family a place where you can detach from your everyday life and enjoy the here and now.

Your holiday home becomes a go-to haven, where you can leave behind the stresses of everyday at the drop of the hat. A home away from home, where you have the chance to forget your responsibilities of your hectic life and just be present in the moment. You are giving your children something they will never forget and that is your full attention and memories which will last a lifetime.

You may remember your visits to the caravan being full of adventure, even being excited to fall asleep at night, so that you can see what the next day would bring. With the opportunity to make new friends on the park, exploring the surroundings, from the beach to the touristic town, full of cafes and gift shops, there was something new to do every day! Nowadays your kids/grandchildren may be more excited by their phones and tablets, so finding them something new and exciting to explore and discover, will put them in good stead to use their imagination and learn new things! Distracting them from their everyday norm of smartphones and computer games, will allow them to create life long memories with you!

Holiday Homes of Today

The truth is, that the holiday homes on offer today are worlds away from the caravans you may have stayed in as a kid. Nowadays, you don't have to worry about chilly nights or leaky roofs, as every holiday home has been carefully designed and manufactured, with insulation, double glazing and central heating at its forefront. The holiday homes of today are looking less like caravans and more like homes in their own right. With modern appliances, luxurious interior design and comfortable home furnishings, your static caravan holiday home will literally become your home away from home. With all the home comforts you could ask for, you'll never need to look elsewhere.

Why not take a look at the caravans we currently have in stock here to begin creating family memories which will last a lifetime.

Do you have any fond memories of your childhood spent in a static caravan holiday home? We'd love to hear from you and reminisce about life on a holiday park when you were young to the style of your holiday home, then and now. Feel free to get in touch to share these memories!

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